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More Handel, Please !!

Can't get enough of Handel? Neither can I! But alas, the adopted British Orpheus wrote no more... Here's a list of composers for your perusal who musically resemble "Il caro Sassone" at different stages of his musical development. These individuals either influenced Handel's compositional style or were influenced themselves by him :

Special thanks! go to Tim Dickinson (TDWare) for creating ClassiCat for Windows and for his assistance in extracting the Handel composition data from this database program for its incorporation at this web site. To download and install your personal database version of the HWV catalog information included at this site, visit TDWare, home to ClassiCat for Windows. With your own personal copy of the Handel database, you can modify the database to your needs and relate Handel's oeuvres to your recording library. The Handel database from ClassiCat for Windows includes additional information not included at this web site (e.g., movements and scoring details -- when available).

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