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HWV: Verzeichnis der Werke Georg Friedrich Händel by Bernd Baselt (as set out in Eisen and Eisen, "Händel-Handbuch", i-iii).
    "The Händel-Handbuch refers to the thematic catalogue of Handel's works published in three volumes from 1978 to 1986. The work of the late Bernd Baselt of the Martin Luther University of Halle (Saale) in Germany, it is a classified list of every piece of music Handel is known to have written (and includes a few concerning which there is some doubt). The catalogue includes the first few bars of each piece and large amounts of factual information (manuscript sources, early prints, etc.) concerning each. These volumes serve Handel scholarship in the same way that the Koechel Catalogue serves Mozart scholarship."
      NOTE: Includes Handel-L listserve information from Howard Serwer, University of Maryland, College Park

An Explanation

Some of the headings in the HWV catalog (used at this site) to detail Handel's compositions deserve further explanation:

  • Borrowings -- Where available and applicable.
    • Handel is often criticized by musicologists for having "borrowed" a great deal of music from other composers -- and himself. How often did he do this and from whom? Likewise, did other composers "borrow" from Handel?
  • Composed -- When known.
    • Contains either the approximate or exact dates from onset to completion of a composition.
  • Completed score -- When known.
    • Contains either the approximate or exact date for completion of a composition. (i.e., when the onset of composition is unknown)
  • First performance -- When known.
    • Contains information about the location and date when the composition was first perfomed.
  • HG -- Where available.
    • Contains information for which HG edition the composition appeared.
  • HHA -- Where available.
    • Contains information for which HHA edition the composition appeared.
  • Libretto -- Where applicable. (e.g., vocal compositions)
  • Notes
    • Contains miscellaneous information of general interest about the composition(s)
  • Revival -- Where available and applicable.
    • Several of Handel's compositions (especially oratorios and operas) were revived and performed over several concert seasons. Frequently, the revivals represented significant changes from the original composition. This section contains the dates and locations for these revivals.

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