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Scholarly literature about Handel, his times, and his works:
(organized in reverse chronological order from date of first publication)

Children's Books

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The Operas of Handel: An Introduction
by David Kimbell
Cambridge University Press
(ISBN-13: 9780521521604)


Publication date not yet confirmed.
George Frideric Handel: A Music Lover's Guide
by Marian Van Til
WordPower Publishing. 2007.
372 pages.
(Softcover: ISBN-13: 978-0-97994785-0-5 / ISBN-10: 0979478502)
Handel's Operas, 1726-1741 (Volume 2)
by Winton Dean
Boydell Press. 2006.
688 pages.
(ISBN cloth: 1843832682)


Handel: Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks (Cambridge Music Handbooks)
by Christopher Hogwood
Cambridge University Press. 2006.
135 pages. 
(ISBN cloth: 0521836360 / softcover: 0521544866)


Handel and the English Chapel Royal (Oxford Studies in British Church Music)
by Donald Burrows
Oxford University Press. 2005.
624 pages.
(ISBN cloth: 0198162286)

Handel's Path to Covent Garden: A Rocky Journey
by E. A. Bucchianeri,
1stBooks Library, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. 2002.
288 pages.
(ISBN cloth: 1403380112 / softcover: 1403380104)
cloth softcover
English Oratorio after Handel: The London Oratorio Series and its Repertory, 1760-1800
by Eva Zöllner
Tectum Verlag, Marburg. 2002.
349 pages.
(ISBN cloth: 3-8288-8333-8)
English Oratorio after Handel
Music and Theatre in Handel's World: the family papers of James Harris 1732-1780
by Donald Burrows and Rosemary Dunhill
- transcriptions (with commentary) of all of the references to music and theatre from the Malmesbury archive.
Oxford University Press. February 2002.
960 pages
(ISBN cloth: 0198166540)


"Music and Theatre in Handel's World"
Handel as Orpheus: Voice and Desire in the Chamber Cantatas
by Ellen T. Harris (Prof. and Chair, Dept. of Music, MIT)
Harvard University Press. December 2001.
432 pages
(ISBN cloth: 0674006178)


Handel as Orpheus
The Possessor and the Possessed: Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and the Idea of Musical Genius
by Peter Kivy
Yale University Press
publication date: October 2001.
304 pages
(ISBN cloth: 0300087586)


The Possessor and the Possessed: Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and the Idea of Musical Genius
Handel's Muse: Patterns of Creation in his Oratorios and Musical Dramas, 1743-1751
by David Ross Hurley (Asst. Prof., Pittsburg State University, Kansas)
Oxford Monograhs on Music. Oxford Universtiy Press. May 2001.
(ISBN cloth: 0198163967)

"Handel's Muse" by David Hurley
George Frideric Handel's 1749 Letter to Charles Jennens
by William Gudger
A chapter from "Music History from Primary Sources - A Guide to the Moldenhauer Archives." The Rosaleen Moldenhauer Memorial
Edited by Jon Newsom (Chief, Music Division, Library of Congress) and Alfred Mann
Library of Congress. 2000.
pp. 228-38 (out of 733 pages)
(ISBN cloth: 0844409871)


Court & Conquest: Ottoman Origins and the Design for Handel's Tamerlano at the Glimmerglass Opera
Featuring costumes designed by Judy Levin
From an exhibition held at:
- The Equitable Gallery, New York, from 19 November 1998 - 23 January 1999
- The Kent State University Museum, from 17 February - 25 April 1999
The Kent State University Museum, Kent, Ohio. 1998.
pp. 90
(ISBN: softcover 0966831802)
Court & Conquest: Ottoman Origins and the Design for Handel's Tamerlano at the Glimmerglass Opera
Dramma Per Musica: Italian Opera Seria of the Eighteenth Century
by Reinhard Strohm
Yale University Press. 1997.
(ISBN: cloth 0300064543)
* Tolomeo: Handel's opera and the rules of tragedy
* Arianna in Creta: musical dramaturgy
* Handel's Ariodante: Scotland and Arcadia


"Dramma Per Musica" by Reinhard Strohm
Signs and Meaning in Eighteenth-Century Art: Epistemology, Rhetoric, Painting, Poesy, Music, Dramatic Performance, and G.F. Handel
by H. James Jensen
from Series XX Vol. 33 of American University Studies
Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. 1997.
(ISBN: cloth 0820437239)
Signs and Meaning in Eighteenth-Century Art: Epistemology, Rhetoric, Painting, Poesy, Music, Dramatic Performance, and G.F. Handel
The Cambridge Companion to Handel
Edited by Donald Burrows.
Cambridge University Press. 1997
(ISBN: cloth 0521454255 / softcover 0521456134)
* Germany: education and apprenticeship -- John Butt
* Italy: political and musical contexts -- Carlo Vitali
* Handel's London: political, social and intellectual contexts -- William Weber
* Handel's London: the theaters -- Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume
* Handel's London: British musicians and London concert life -- H. Diack Johnstone
* Handel's London: Italian musicians and librettists -- Lowell Lindgren
* Handel's English librettists -- Ruth Smith
* Handel and the aria -- C. Steven LaRue
* Handel's compositional process -- David Ross Hurley
* Handel and the idea of an oratorio -- Anthony Hicks
* Handel's sacred music -- Graydon Beeks
* Handel's chamber music -- Malcolm Boyd
* Handel as a concerto composer -- Donald Burrows
* Handel and the keyboard -- Terence Best
* Handel and the Italian language -- Terence Best
* Handel and the orchestra -- Mark W. Stahura
* Production style in Handel's operas -- Winton Dean
* Handel's oratorio performances -- Donald Burrows


"The Cambridge Companion to Handel" - Ed. Donald Burrows (cloth) "The Cambridge Companion to Handel" - Ed. Donald Burrows (softcover)
Handel: The Orchestral Music
(Orchestral Concertos, Organ Concertos, Water Music, and Music for the Royal Fireworks)
by Alfred Mann
From the "Monuments of Western Music" series
Schirmer Books. 1996.
(ISBN: cloth 0028713826)


"Handel: The Orchestral Music" by Mann
Handel and the Harris Circle
(Issue 8 of the "Hampshire Papers")
by Rosemary Dunhill.
Published by the Hampshire County Council. December 1995.
(Recently discovered letters to James Harris (1709-80) from relatives and close friends relating to George Frideric Handel. See the "Papers of James Harris" above.)


Handel and the Harris Circle
Handel's Oratorios and Eighteenth-Century Thought
by Ruth Smith
Cambridge University Press. 1995 (cloth); 2005 (softcover).
(ISBN: cloth 0521402654; softcover 052102370X)
"Handel's Oratorio's" by Ruth Smith
Opera and the Enlightenment
Edited by T. Bauman and M.P. McClymonds
Cambridge Universtity Press. 1995
(ISBN: cloth 0521461723)
* "Handel's Serse" - Winton Dean (pp. 135-67)
* The "sweet song" in Demofoonte: Gluck borrowing from Handel (pp. 168-88)


"Opera and the Enlightenment"
Handel and His Singers : The Creation of the Royal Academy Operas, 1720-1728.
From the "Oxford Monographs on Music" series
by C. Steven LaRue.
Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1995.
(ISBN: cloth 0198163150)


"Handel and His Singers" by LaRue
G. F. Handel: a Guide to Research
by Mary Ann Parker(-Hale);
Editor: Guy A. Marco
First Edition: Garland Publishing, Inc. 1995 (Garland Composer Resource Manuals, Vol 19)
Taylor & Francis, Inc. - 1998

(ISBN: cloth 0824084527)

Second Edition: Routledge - 2005
(ISBN: cloth 041594323X)


by Donald Burrows.
From "The Master Musicians" series (#3).
Edited by Stanley Sadie.
-Oxford Univ. Press. 2000. (ISBN: softcover 0198166494)
-Schirmer Books. 1994. (ISBN: cloth 0028703278)
(NOTE: The Schirmer edition is out of print. However, Oxford University Press republished the book in softcover.)


"Handel" by Donald Burrows (Schirmer Books) "Handel" by Donald Burrows (Oxford University Press)
A Catalogue of Handel's Musical Autographs
by Donald Burrows and Martha Ronish
Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1994.
(ISBN: cloth 0193152509)


"A Catalogue of Handel's Musical Autographs" by Burrows & Ronish
by Wendy Thompson.
From "The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers" series.
Omnibus Press. 1994.
(ISBN: softcover 0711929971)


"Handel" by Wendy Thompson
Handel Collections and their History
Edited by Terrence Best
Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1993.
(ISBN: cloth 0198162995)
* Collecting Handel -- Gerald Coke
* The Hamburg Collection -- Hans Dieter Clausen
* The Malmesbury Collection -- Winton Dean
* The Aylesford Collection -- John H. Roberts
* The Shaftesbury Collection -- Anthony Hicks
* The Barrett Lennard Collection -- Donald Burrows
* The Chandos Collection -- Graydon Beeks
* The Shaw-Hellier Collection -- Percy Young
* The Santini Collection -- Hans Joachim Marx
* The Music-Paper Used by Handel and his Copyists in Italy (1706-1710) -- Keiichiro Watanabe
* Italian Sources-Studies and Handel -- Paul Everett
* Early German Handel Editions during the Classical Period -- Bernd Baselt


"Handel Collections and their History" edited by Best
"Sundry Sorts of Music Books: Essays on the British Library Collection" presented to O.W. Neighbour on his 70th birthday
Edited by C. Banks, A. Searle, and M. Turner
The British Library, London, 1993.
(ISBN: cloth 0712302972)
*Handel's Atalanta -- Winton Dean
*The 'Granville' and 'Smith' Collections of Handel Manuscripts --
Donald Burrows


Messiah - The Gospel according to Handel's Oratorio
by Roger A. Bullard.
William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. 1993.
(ISBN: softcover 0802801250)


Messiah - The Gospel according to Handel's Oratorio
The Rise of Musical Classics in Eighteenth-Century England. A Study in Canon, Ritual, and Ideology
by William Weber (Professor of History, California State University, Long Beach).
Clarendon Press Oxford. 1992.
(ISBN: cloth 0198162871)
(ISBN: softcover 0198166079. - 1996.)

* The Musical Festival and the Oratorio Tradition
* The 1784 Handel Commemoration as Political Ritual

The Rise of Musical Classics in 18th-C. England
Handel's Messiah - A Celebration
by Richard Luckett.
Harcourt Brace & Company. 1992.
(ISBN: softcover 0156001381)
"Handel's Messiah - A Celebration" by Richard Luckett



Handel: Messiah
by Donald Burrows.
Cambridge Music Handbooks.
Cambridge University Press. 1991
(ISBN: softcover 0521376203)


"Handel: Messiah" by Donald Burrows

by Hamish Swanston
Publisher: Geoffrey Norton. 1990
(ISBN softcover: 0225665956 / cloth: 0225665980)


Essays on Opera
by Winton Dean.
Oxford University Press. 1990.
(ISBN: cloth 0193152657; softcover 0198163843)
* Vocal Embellishment on a Handel Opera (Orig. Pub. 1970)
* Charles Jennens's Marginalia to Mainwaring's Life of Handel (Orig. Pub. 1972)
* A French Traveller's View of Handel's Operas (Orig. Pub. 1974)
* Handel's Sosarme, a Puzzle Opera (Orig. Pub. 1975)
* Handel's Early London Copyists (Orig. Pub. 1985 in Bach, Handel, Scarlatti: Tercentenary Essays)


Essays on Opera
Continuo Playing According to Handel - His Figured Bass Exercises
Edited by David Ledbetter (Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester)
Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1990.
(ISBN: softcover 0193184338)


The Royal Academy of Music, 1719-1728: The Institution and Its Directors
by Elizabeth Gibson
Garland Publishing, Inc. 1989.
(from the "Outstanding Dissertations in Music from British Universities" series.)


Handel's Operas, Handel's Opera Librettos (13 vols.)
Edited by Ellen T. Harris
Garland Publishing, Inc. 1989.


Handel Tercententary Collection
Edited by Stanley Sadie and Anthony Hicks.
MacMillan Press. 1987.
(ISBN: cloth 033342882X)
University of Rochester Press. 1991.
(ISBN: cloth 0835718336)

* Scholarship and the Handel Revival, 1935-85 -- Winton Dean
* Sources, Resources and Handel Studies -- Donald Burrows
* Handel and his Central German Background -- Bernd Baselt
* The Case for Handel's Borrowings: the Judgement of Three Centuries -- George J. Buelow
* Why did Handel Borrow? -- John Roberts
* The Staging of Handel's Operas in London -- Lowell Lindgren
* English Traditions in Handel's 'Rinaldo' -- Curtis Price
* The Royal Academy of Music (1719-28) and its Directors -- Elizabeth Gibson
* Handel's Disengageent from the Italian Opera -- Carole Taylor
* New Sources for the Libretto of Handel's 'Joseph' -- Duncan Chisholm
* 'A Club of Composers': Handel, Pepusch and Arbuthnot at Cannons -- Graydon Beeks
* Steffani's Influence on Handel's Chamber Duets -- Colin Timms
* Handel's Italian Cantatas: Some New Sources -- Malcolm Boyd
* The Origins of Handel's Opus 3: A Historical Review -- Hans Joachim Marx
* Handel and the Organ Concerto: What We Know 250 Years Later -- William D. Gudger
* Interpreting Handel's Rhythmic Notation -- Some Reflections on Modern Practice -- Terence Best


"Handel Tercentenary Collection" Edited by Sadie and Hicks
Handel's Operas, 1704-1726 (Volume 1)
by Winton Dean and John Merrill Knapp.
Oxford: Clarendon Press. 1987.
(ISBN: softcover 0198164416; 2nd Ed. 1994)


"Handel's Opera's: 1704-1726" by Dean & Knapp
George Frideric Handel's Chamber Duets
William Andrews Clark Memorial Library. 1987.
(From papers presented in 1983 at a Clark Library Seminar)
* Introduction -- Stephen M. Fry (Music Librarian UCLA)
* Handel's Italian Duets -- J. Merrill Knapp
* Handel's English Duets -- Alfred Mann


Music and Theatre - Essays in honour of Winton Dean
Editor: Nigel Fortune
Cambridge University Press. 1987.
(ISBN: cloth 0521323487)
* Acis, Galatea and Polyphemus: a 'serenata a tre voci'? -- Brian Trowell
* George I's Venetian palace and theatre boxes in the 1720s -- Colin Timms
* Vivaldi and Handel's settings of Giustino -- Reinhard Strohm
* Handel and Charles Jennens's Italian opera manuscripts -- John H. Roberts
* Handel, Jennens and Saul : aspects of collaboration -- Anthony Hicks


The Art of Handel's Operas
by Hugo Meynell
The Edwin Mellen Press Ltd. 1986.
(ISBN: cloth 0889464251)


Handel Sources Series: Materials for the Study of Handel's Borrowing (9 volumes)
Edited (and introductions) by John Roberts
Garland Publishing. 1986.
vol 1: Adonis; and, Janus / Reinhard Keiser
vol 2: La forza della virtu / Reinhard Keiser
vol 3: Claudius and Nebucadnezar / Reinhard Keiser
vol 4: Ambleto / Francesco Gasparini and others. Numitore / Giovanni Porta
vol 5: Passion "Kommt her und schaut" / Carl Heinrich Graun. Mass / Antonio Lotti
vol 6: Il Pompeo / Alessandro Scarlatti
vol 7: Dafni / Alessandro Scarlatti
vol 8: Il Xerse / Giovanni Bononcini
vol 9: La lotta d'Hercole con Acheloo / Agostino Steffani


Bach, Handel, Scarlatti - Tercentenary Essays
Edited by Peter Williams
Cambridge University Press. 1985.
(ISBN: cloth 0521252172)
* Handel's 'Chandos' and Associated Anthems: An Introductory Survey -- Gerald Hendrie
* Handel's Early London Copyists -- Winton Dean
* Handel and Music for the Earl of Carnarvon -- Graydon Beeks
* Handel in Hanover -- Donald Burrows


"Bach, Handel, Scarlatti - Tercentenary Essays"
Essays on Handel & Italian Opera
by Reinhard Strohm
Cambridge University Press. 1985.
(ISBN: cloth 0521264286)
* Handel's Italian journey as a European experience
* Handel and his Italian opera texts
* Francesco Gasparini's later operas and Handel
* Towards an understanding of the opera seria
* Handel's pasticci
* Handel's Ezio
* Metastasio's Alessandro nell'Indie and its earliest settings
* Comic traditions in Handel's Orlando


"Essays on Handel & Italian Opera"
Handel: The Man & His Music
by Jonathan Keates.
(ISBN: cloth 0575035730; Victor Gollancz Ltd.; London - 1985)
(cloth St. Martin's; New York - 1985)
(ISBN: softcover 0585054816. Victor Gollancz Ltd.; London - 1993)


"Handel: The Man & His Music" by Keates (cloth)
"Handel: The Man & His Music" by Keates (softcover)

Handel: A Celebration of his Life and Times. Edited by Jacob Simon.
National Portrait Gallery, London, 1985.  
(Published for the exhibition held between November 8, 1985 - February 23, 1986.)
(ISBN cloth: 0304017680 / softcover: 0904017670)


Handel: A Celebration of his Life and Times
The Text to Alexander's Feast
Designed by Christopher Skelton
Illustrated by Peter Campbell
Printed by Skelton and Alan Bultitude
The September Press (Wellingborough). 1985.
Note: 302 copies printed. (62 copies on hand-made paper; 250 copies on Hahnemuhle Medieval Laid mold-made paper)
(ISBN ordinary edition: 0950322652 / special edition: 0950322660)


The Text to Alexander's Feast (illustrated)
The Gerald Coke Handel Collection Exhibition - a catalog
Introduction by Gerald Coke
Printed by Creasey Flood Limited (Suffolk). 1985.
63 pages
The Gerald Coke Handel Collection Exhibition catalog
Handel and his World
by H.C. Robbins Landon.
Little, Brown and Company. 1984.
(ISBN: cloth : 0316513601)


Handel and his World
by Christopher Hogwood.
Thames & Hudson. 1984.
(ISBN: softcover 0500274983)

Revised edition. softcover. 2007.
(ISBN-10: 0500286817)
(ISBN-13: 978-0500286814)

"Handel" by Christopher Hogwood

Music in Eighteenth-Century England: Essays in Memory of Charles Cudworth
Editors: Christopher Hogwood & Richard Luckett
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1983
(ISBN: cloth 0521235251)
* Purcellian passages in the compositions of G.F. Handel - Franklin B. Zimmerman
* Walsh's editions of Handel's Opera 1-5: the texts and their sources - Donald Burrows
* The recovery of Handel's operas - Winton Dean
* Intellectual contexts of Handel's English oratorios - Ruth Smith
* Handel's successor: notes on John Christopher Smith the younger - Alfred Mann
* The late editions to Handel's oratorios and the role of the younger Smith - Anthony Hicks
* Handel's harpsichord music: a checklist - Terence Best


The Messiah Book: The Life & Times of G.F. Handel's Greatest Hit
by Peter Jacobi
St. Martin's Press, New York. 1982.
(ISBN cloth 0-312-53072-2)


The Messiah Book
Handel and the Pastoral Tradition
by Ellen T. Harris
Oxford University Press. 1980.
(ISBN cloth 0-19315-2363)


Handel and the Pastoral Tradition
The New Grove Handel
by Winton Dean with Anthony Hicks.
New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 1980.
W.W. Norton and Company. 1982.
W.W. Norton reprint: 1997. (ISBN: softcover 0393303586)


"Handel" by Winton Dean


Handel before England
by A. Craig Bell
Darley: Grian-Aig Press. 1975.
(ISBN 0950071455)


Handel: A Concertgoer's Companion
by Charles Cudworth
Clive Bingley Ltd. (London) 1972.
(ISBN cloth 0851571379)


Handel: Chronological Thematic Catalogue
by A. Craig Bell, Darley
Grian-Aig Press. 1972.


Handel Concertos
by Stanley Sadie
From the "BBC Music Guides" series
BBC Publications. 1972.


George Frideric Handel - The Newman Flower Collection in the Henry Watson Music Library
- a catalogue compiled by Arthur D. Walker (with a forward by Winton Dean)
The Manchester Public Libraries. 1972.
134 pages
(ISBN softcover 0901313184)


Handel's Messiah. A Critical Account of the Manuscript Sources and Printed Editions
by John Tobin
Cassell & Company, Ltd., London. 1969.


Handel and the Opera Seria
by Winton Dean
University of California Press. 1969.
(republished in London in 1970.)


Handel and the Opera Seria
Handel and the Messiah story
by Hertha Pauli.
Meredith Press (New York) 1968.
112 pages
(Library of Congress Control Number: 68022068)


by Stanley Sadie
From "The Great Composers" series
Thomas Y. Crowell Co. (New York) 1968.


"Handel" - by Stanley Sadie
Handel and His Autographs
by A. Hyatt King
The British Library. 1967
(1976 reprint: ISBN 0905654346)


Handel and his Autographs
George Frideric Handel
by Paul Henry Lang.
Dover Publications, Inc. 1966.
(ISBN: softcover 0486292274)


"George Frideric Handel" by Lang (softcover)
A Handelian's Notebook
by William C. Smith
Adam & Charles Black. 1965.
* Early Years at the British Museum
* Handel Collections in the British Museum - The Cummings Collection
* The King's Music Library - Percy Robinson - J. C. Smith, Father and Son
* The Music Department British Museum 1920-44
* The Newman Flower Collection - The Aylesford Manuscripts
* George III, Handel and Mainwaring - Publications on Messiah 1874-1928
* Handel Celebrations, Exhibitions, Performances 1835-39
* Handel's First Song on the London Stage - His House - Handed the Man
* The National Library of Scotland Handel Collection - The Paul Hirsch Collection
* The Gerald Coke Collection
* The William C. Smith Collection
* Frank Kidson - Bibliographical Works by Smith and Humphries
* Dr. James S. Hall, His Collection, and the Deal and Walmer Handelian Society
* Messiah - Interpretation and Performance - Publications 1946-64
* Important Bibliographies Catalogues and Books on Handel
* Handel's Operas and Stage Performances of the Oratorios in England 1925-64
* Choral Performances of Oratorios - Hubert Langley - Bernard Rose - Anthony Bernard Helmut Koch
* Interesting Handeliana - Some Lucky Finds
* Potraits, Statues, Sculptures, etc., of Handel
* Handel Festivals and Operas in Germany from 1920-62
* Handel's Character - Speeches in Halle - Conclusion


A Handelian's Notebook
by Percy M. Young
From the "Masters of Music" series.
Illustrated by Richard Shirley-Smith.
David White Publishers, New York. 1965.
(NOTE: A book for young students)
(Library of Congress: #67-16967)


"Handel" - by Percy Young
A Textual Companion to Handel's Messiah
by Watkins Shaw
Novello & Co. Ltd. 1965
pp. 217
(Cloth reprint by Novello in 1972. Softcover reprint by Novello in 1982.)


"A Textual Companion to Handel's Messiah" - softcover reprint
Handel at Work
by John Tobin
St. Martin's Press, New York. 1964
Cassell & Company, Ltd., London 1964


The Story of Handel's Messiah (1741-1784)
A short popular history by Watkins Shaw
Novello & Co. Ltd 1963.
79 pages

The Story of Handel's Messiah (1741-1784)
George Frideric Handel - A Biography in Pictures
by Werner Rackwitz & Helmut Steffens
VEB Edition Leipzig. 1962.


George Frideric Handel - A Biography in Pictures
by Stanley Sadie
Calderbook. John Calder, Ltd. (London) 1962.


"Handel" by Sadie
Handel: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Early Editions
by William C. Smith
Basil Blackwell. 1960 (2nd Ed. 1970)


Handel's Dramatic Oratorios and Masques
by Winton Dean.
Oxford University Press. 1959.
(ISBN: softcover 0198161840; 1990 reprint by Clarendon Press, Oxford)


"Handel's Dramatic Oratorios and Masques" by Winton Dean
Handel's Messiah - Origins, Compositions, Sources
by Jens Peter Larsen
- 1972. WW Norton & Co. 2nd Edition. (with a tribute to JP Larsen by Alfred Mann) (ISBN: softcover 0393306283)
- 1990 - Greenwood Press Publishers . Reprint of 2nd Edition (ISBN: cloth 031324426X)


"Handel's Messiah" - Jens Peter Larsen (cloth) "Handel's Messiah" - Jens Peter Larsen (softcover)
Handel, Dryden & Milton : being a series of observations on the poems of Dryden and Milton, as alter'd and adapted by various hands, and set to musick by Mr. Handel, to which are added authentick texts of several of Mr. Handel's oratorio's
by Robert Manson Myers
Bowes and Bowes (London): 1956 (cloth)


Handel: A Documentary Biography
by Otto Erich Deutsch.
Da Capo Press. 1955.
(NOTE: Translated into German -- and revised -- in vol. 4 of the Händel-Handbuch. See Below.)


Handel: A Symposium
Edited by Gerald Abraham
Oxford University Press. 1954.
* Handel the Man -- Percy M. Young
* The Operas -- Edward J. Dent
* The Oratorios -- Julian Herbage
* The Secular Oratorios and Cantatas -- Julian Herbage
* The Church Music -- Basil Lam
* The Songs and Chamber Cantatas -- Anthony Lewis
* The Orchestral Music -- Basil Lam
* The Keyboard Music -- Kathleen Dale
* The Chamber Music -- John Horton
* Some Points of Style -- Gerald Abraham


George Frideric Handel
by Herbert F. Peyser
The Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York. 1951
pp. 68


Messiah - A Study in Interpretation
- from "The Student's Music Library" series
by Percy M. Young
Dennis Dobson Ltd. (London) 1951
pp. 72


The Oratorios of Handel
by Percy M. Young
Dennis Dobson Ltd. (London) 1949


The Oratorios of Handel
Concerning Handel, His Life and Works: Essays
by William C. Smith
Cassell and Co. Ltd. 1948.
(facsimilie reprint by Hyperion Press. 1979.)
(ISBN: cloth 0883557169)
* Handel the Man
* Finance and Patronage in Handel's Life
* The Earliest Editions of Messiah
* Some Handel Portraits Reconsidered
* Handel's Failure in 1745: New Letters of the Composer
* Gustavus Waltz: Was He Handel's Cook?
* Acis and Galatea in the Eighteenth Century
* The Earliest Editions of the Water Music


Handel's Messiah: A Touchstone of Taste
by Robert Manson Myers
Macmillan Co. 1948.


Handel's Messiah: A Touchstone of Taste
by Julian Herbage
Max Parrish & Co., Ltd. 1948.
72 pages.
"Messiah" by Julian Herbage
Early Moral Criticism of Handelian Oratorio
by Robert Manson Myers
The Manson Park Press. 1947.


by Percy M. Young
Edited by Sir Jack Westrup.
From "The Master Musicians" series (#2).
J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. 1947.


by Herbert Weinstock
Alfred A. Knopf. 1946.
- 1959: Alfred A. Knopf. 2nd edition. (revised) - "Handel Bicentenary Edition"
- 1979: Greenwood Publishers (1959 reprint)


Selection from Messiah an Oratorio
The Harrow Replicas, No. 8 in a series.
A facsimile of Handel's manuscript, with the following selections:
- Air (tenor): Every valley shall be exalted
- Air (soprano): How beautiful are the feet
- Chorus: Hallelujah
- Air (soprano): I know that my Redeemer liveth
Commentary by Otto Eric Deutsch and Henry Havergal.
Printer: Chiswick Press (London)
Publisher: W. Heffer & Sons, Ltd. (Cambridge) 1945.


The Letters and Writings of George Frideric Handel.
Edited by Erich H. Mühler.
Books for Libraries Press. 1935.
(Reprint: 1970.)


by Edward J. Dent.
from the "Great Lives" series
Duckworth (London). 1934.
(Note: Revised U.S. publishing by A.A. Wyn, Inc. in the "Great Musicians" series.)


George Frideric Handel: His Personality and His Times
by Newman Flower.
Cassell & Co., Ltd. (London). 1923 - cloth
Waverly Book Company (London). 1923 - cloth
Houghton Mifflin Company (Boston). 1923 - cloth
1946: Cassell & Co., Ltd. (London) - cloth - revised version
1948: Charles Scribner's & Sons (New York) - cloth - revised version
1959: Cassell & Co., Ltd. (London) - cloth - revised version
1972: Granada - cloth
1972: Panther (London. New York) - softcover


by Romain Rolland (Translated by A. Eaglefield Hull)
from the "Library of Music and Musicians" series
Henry Holt & Co. 1916.


by Henry Davey
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  • Volume 11, 2006 -- Edited by Hans Joachim Marx and Wolfgang Sandberger
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  • Volume 9, 2002 - Edited by Hans Joachim Marx
    1. Hans Maier: Händels Internationalität [Handel's Internationality]
    2. Wolfgang Ruf: Dramatik und Lyrik in den Oratorien und Serenaten Händels [Drama and Poetry in Handel's Oratorios and Serenatas]
    3. Hans Joachim Marx: Ein neuentdecktes Gloria von Händel [A newly discovered Gloria by Handel]
    4. Colin Timms: What did Handel learn from Steffani's operas?
    5. Robert Hill: "Indessen führet er das Hauptthema galant ein" - Handel's Keyboard Fugues and their 18th century Audience ["Nonetheless he introduces the main subject in a galant manner" - Handel's Keyboard Fugues and their 18th century Audience]
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Händel-Jahrbuch - annual journal of the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gesellschaft, Halle. Published by Bärenreiter, Kassel

  • Volume 53, 2007 -- Edited by Konstanze Musketa
    1. Wolfgang Ruf: 'Ammerkungen zum Thema „Händels Klassizität"'
    2. Reinhard Strom: 'Klassizität, Klassizismus und Händel'
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    8. Donald Burrows: 'Making the "Classic" accessible: Vincent Novello's Vocal Scores of Handel's Oratorios'
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    16. Richard King: 'A new source for Handel's Siroe, Rè di Persia'
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    24. Jens Wehmann: Neuerscheinungen 2006 (Auswahl)
    25. Donald Burrows: Review of Winton Dean, Handel's Operas 1726-1741
  • Volume 52, 2006 -- Edited by Konstanze Musketa
    1. Hermann Goltz: ‘Die biblische Gestalt des „Volkes Israel“: Ein christlich-orientalischer Typos in Händels Oratorium Israel in Egypt

    2. Graydon Beeks: ‘Handel’s use of Anthems in his Oratorios to Portray the People of Israel’

    3. Donald Burrows: ‘Handel’s use of soloists in Samson: Characterisation versus practical necessity’

    4. Hans Dieter Clausen: ‘Lässt sich die Urfassung von Händels Oratorium Samson rekonstruieren?’

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    12. Klaus Hortschansky: ‘Solomon – Ein symbolisches Oratorium?’

    13. Ulrike Krenzlin: ‘Susanna und die beiden Älteren Begehren und Voyeurismus contra Tugendhaftigkeit in barocken Gemälden’

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    18. Andrew V. Jones: ‘Handel’s Amore uccellatore Cantata’

    19. Gerhard Poppe: ‘Geniestreich oder Werk eines unerfahrenen „Pedanten“? – Zur Musik von Händels Oper Almira, Königin von Kastilien

    20. Manfred Rätzer: ‘Szenische und konzertante Aufführungen von Händel-Opern sowie szenische Aufführungen von Händel-Oratorien und -Kantaten im Jahr 2005’

    21. Jens Wehmann: New Books and CDs relevant to Handel’s Music 2005

    22. Annette Landgraf: review of Donald Burrows’s book Handel and the English Chapel Royal
  • Volume 51, 2005 -- Edited by Konstanze Musketa
    1. Klaus Hortschansky: ‘Händel und die deutsche Tradition’ [‘Handel and the German tradition’]

    2. Klaus-Peter Koch: ‘Reflexion des mitteldeutschen Musiklebens in den schriftlichen Äußerungen von Samuel Scheidt’ [‘Musical life in middle Germany as reflected in the writings of Samuel Scheidt’]

    3. Arno Paduch: ‘Die Beziehungen des Leipziger Thomaskantors Sebastian Knüpfer (1633-1676) zu Halle’ [The relationship of the Leipzig Thomas-cantor Sebastian Knüpfer (1633-1676) to Halle’]

    4. Kathrin Eberl: ‘Die Orgelchoräle Friedrich Wilhelm Zachows’ [‘The organ chorales of Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow]

    5. Ute Poetzsch-Seban: ‘Musikalische Ausbilding und Sozialisation der Freunde Händel und Telemann im Vergleich’ [‘A comparison between the musical education and socialization of the friends Handel and Telemann’]

    6. Panja Mücke: ‘“Auf dem Hamburgischen THEATRO vorgestellet”: Zu Händels frühen Opern Almira, Nero und Florindo / Daphne’ [essay on Handel’s early Hamburg operas Almira, Nero, Florindo and Daphne]

    7. Wilhelm Seidel: ‘Der in Kronen erlangte Glückwechsel oder Almira, Königin von Kastilien’ [essay on Handel’s Almira]

    8. Karin Zauft: ‘Händels Opera seria unter dem Einfluss von Reinhard Keisers Hamburger Operndramaturgie – dargestellt an Beispielen aus Keisers Oper Claudius’ [‘Handel’s opera seria under the influence of Reinhard Keiser’s Hamburg opera dramaturgy – represented by examples from Keiser’s opera Claudius’]

    9. Hans-Georg Hofmann: ‘“Germania ex machine”: Sachsenkaiser auf der Opernbühne Antonio Lottis Teofane (1719), Händels Ottone (1723), Giuseppe Maria Orlandinis Adelaide (1728) und Händels Lotario (1729) – Deutsche Heldengeschichten als Opernsujets und ihr historischer Wahrheitsgehalt’ [‘Saxon Emperors on the opera stage in Lotti’s Teofane (1719), Handel’s Ottone (1723), Giuseppe Maria Orlandini’s Adelaide (1728) and Handel’s Lotario (1729) – German heroism in opera subjects compared to historical truth’]

    10. Christoph Henzel: ‘Scheibe, Händel, Graun und die Tradition’ [‘Scheibe, Handel, Graun and the Tradition’]

    11. Gerhard Poppe: ‘Beobachtungen zum Laudate pueri F-Dur HWV 236 vor dem Hintergrund der Gattungsgeschichte und von Händels Hamburger Situation’ [‘Observations on Laudate pueri HWV 236 with the background of type-history and Handel’s Hamburg situation’]

    12. John H. Roberts: ‘Placing “Handel’s St. John Passion”’

    13. Rainer Kleinertz: ‘Eine gewisse Passion eines weltberühmten Mannes: Händels Brockes-Passion HWV 48 im Spiegel von Matthesons Kritik’ [‘“The passion of a certain world-famous man”: Handel’s Brockes Passion HWV 48 reflected in Mattheson’s critique’]

    14. Graydon Beeks: ‘Some Thoughts on Musical Organization in L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato

    15. Jürgen Heidrich: ‘Händel und die deutsche Oratorientradition’ [‘Handel and the German oratorio tradition’]

    16. Donald Burrows: ‘German chorales and English hymns – The work of three Germans in London (Jacobi, Lampe and Handel)’

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    19. Werner Rackwitz: ‘Über das Verhältnis der Unitas Fratrum zur Musik Händels im 18. und beginnended 19. Jahrhundert’ [‘Concering the relationship of the Unitas Fratrum to Handel’s music during the 18th and early 19th centuries’]

    20. Berthold Over: ‘Ein neu aufgefundenes Händel-Autograph in der Bayerische Staatsbibliotek: Crudel tiranno Amor (HWV 97)’ [‘The new discovery of a Handel autograph in the Bavarian State Library: Crudel tiranno Amor (HWV 97)’]

    21. Manfred Rätzer: ‘Szenische und konzertante Aufführung von Händel-Opern sowie szenische Aufführung von Händel-Oratorien und –Kantaten im Jahr 2004’ [a list of all staged productions of Handel’s works during 2004, also including concert performances of operas]

    22. Manfred Rätzer: ‘300 Jahre Händel-Opera’ [‘300 Years of Handel Opera’]

    23. Includes a bibliography of new literature and CDs about Handel issued during 2004, and some corrections to last year’s article by Ursula Kirkendale.

  • Volume 50, 2004
    1. Hartmut Krones: ‘Gottlieb Muffat und Georg Friedrich Händel: zwei Meister - drei Stile’ [’Gottlieb Muffat and George Frideric Handel: two Masters - three Styles’]
    2. Peter Andraschke: ‘Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, ein deutscher Lullyst’ [Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, a German Lulliste’]
    3. Eddy Benimedourne: ‘Handel’s French Connections’
    4. Terence Best: ‘Der französische Einfluss auf die deutsche Klaviermusik in der Barockzeit - Froberger, Bach, Händel’ [’The French Influence upon German Keyboard Music in the Baroque Era - Froberger, Bach, Handel’]
    5. Herbert Schneider: ‘Affinitäten und Differenzen zwischen Rameau und Händel in Opern der Jahre 1735-1737’ [’Affinities and Differences between Rameau and Handel operas from 1735 to 1737’]
    6. Raffaele Mellace: ‘French minuet and Lombard rhythm in the making of Johaan Adolf Hasse’s style’
    7. Andreas Waczkat: ‘"Welschlands edler Geist und Frankreichs fertge Faust": Johann Fischer und die Schweriner Hofmusik im frühen 18. Jahrhundert’ [’"Italy's noble spirit and France's readiness to clench the fist": Johann Fischer and music at the Schwerin court in the 18th century’]
    8. Graydon Beeks: ‘"There were shepherds abiding in the fields": a possible borrowing from Attilio Ariosti in Handel’s Messiah’
    9. Donald Burrows: ‘Which style? The performance of the Overture to Messiah’
    10. Klaus Hortschansky: ‘Händels Opern-Ouverturen - Exempel des vermischten Geschmacks? Überlegungen anhand von Charles Burneys verstreuten Bemerkungen’ [’Handel’s Opera Overtures: Examples of miscellaneous taste? Considerations upon comments scattered by Charles Burney’]
    11. Barbara Nestola: ‘The diffusion of Italian vocal music repertoires through edition in France (1725-1732)’
    12. Werner Rackwitz: ‘Über die "glückliche Melange vom italienischen und französischen Gout": Bemerkungen zum "vermischten Geschmack" in Händels Musik" [’Concerning the "happy mixture of Italian and French taste": remarks on the "miscellaneous taste" in Handel’s music’]
    13. Paul van Reijen: ‘Die als Tänze bezeichneten Sätze in den Concerti grossi holländischer Zeit-genossen Händels unter Berücksichtigung kontemporärer Theoriebildung’ [’The dance movements in Concerti grossi by Handel’s Dutch colleagues according to the consideration of contemporary theorists’]
    14. Stefan Keym: ‘Nationales Idiom und individueller Charakter: Wilhelm Friedemann Bachs Polonaisen und ihr gattungsgeschichtlicher Kontext’ [‘The National Idiom and individual Character: the historical context of Willhelm Friedemann Bach’s Polonaises’]
    15. Anselm Gerhard: ‘Musik für "die europäische Seele" oder Rückgriff "in die Tiefen deutschen Brust"? Händels Musik gegen Bachs Liebhaber verteidigt’ [’Music for "the European soul" or a recourse "into the depths of the German heart"? Handel's music defended against Bach partisans’]
    16. Ursula Kirkendale: ‘Händel bei Ruspoli: Neue Dokumente aus dem Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Dezember 1706 bis Dezember 1708’ [’Handel with Ruspoli: New Documents from the secret archives of the Vatican, December 1706 until December 1708’]
      • Note: Corigenda published in volume 51, 2005.
    17. Annette Landgraf: ‘Aachen und Burtscheid zu Händels Zeit’ [’Aachen and Burtscheid during Handel’s time’]
    18. Manfred Rätzer: ‘Szenische und konzertante Aufführungen von Händel-Opern sowie szenische Aufführungen von Händel-Oratorien im Jahr 2003’ [’Staged and unstaged performances of Handel's Operas, as well as staged performances of Handel's Oratorios in the year 2003’]
    19. Jens Wehman: Neuerscheinungen an Literatur und CDs [a list of new publications and recordings]
  • Volume 49, 2003: Edited by Dr. Konstanze Musketa.
    1. Reinhard Strohm: Darstellung, Aktion und Interesse in der höfischen Opernkunst 
    2. Juliane Riepe: Hofmusik in der Zeremonialwissenschaft des 18. Jahrhunderts 
    3. Siegfried Schmalzriedt: Berenice - Händels Opera der Krise 
    4. David Vickers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Representation of Amorous Behaviour at the Court of Queen Partenope 
    5. Oswald Georg Bauer: Von Himmel durch die Welt zur Hölle. Zur Typologie des barocken Bühnenbildes 
    6. Donald Burrows: Handel, Stuarts, and Hanoverians: Handel's English church music and the image of the British monarchy 
    7. Sabine Henze-Döhring: Händels Coronation Anthems 
    8. Annette Landgraf: Die Begräbniszeremonie für Queen Caroline 
    9. Klaus Hortschansky: Ein verkapptes Orpheus-Drama? Händels Hochzeits-Serentata Il Parnasso in festa per gli sponsali di Teti e Peleo für Prinzessin Anne und Prinz Wilhelm von Oranien (HWV 73) 
    10. Hans-Georg Hofmann: 'Sing unto God' - Bemerkungen zu Händels Festmusik anlässlich der Hochzeit des Prinzen Frederick of Wales mit Prinzessin Augusta von Sachsen-Gotha (1736) 
    11. Ulrike Krenzlin: '...where Heav'n born Flora reigns, & Handel warbles Airs divine'. Über das Verhältnis von Bildhauerei und Musik am Beispiel des Händels-Denkmals von Louis-François Roubiliac (1702-1762) 
    12. Wolfgang Ruf: Höfisches und städtisches Leben in Halle vor und während der Jugendzeit Händels 
    13. Wolfgang Schenkluhn: Zwischen Repräsentation und Selbstdarstellung - Die späten Händelsporträts von Thomas Hudson 
    14. Hans-Ernst Mittig: Händels Ode HWV 75 im Vergleich mit Alexanderfesten der Malerei 
    15. Graydon Beeks: Making a Living in the Pit: The Career of Thomas Rawlings 
    16. Eva Zöllner: 'He hears no other music if he can help it'. George III. und die Händel-begeisterung am englischen Hof in der zweiten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts. 
    17. William Weber: Court Tradition and The 1784 Handel Commemoration 
    18. Silke Leopold: MannsBilder - WeibsBilder. Händels Personendarstellung im Kontext höfischer Sitten 
    19. John H. Roberts: Handel and Gasparini: The Ernelinda Borrowings 
    20. Lieselotte Bense: Händels Anthems für die Krönung Georgs II. und seiner Gemahlin Königin Caroline in der Westminster-Abtei am 11. Oktober 1727 
    21. Rainer Heyink: Georg Friedrich Händels Rodrigo: Anmerkungen zur Entstehungsgeschichte, Quellenlage und Rekonstruktion 
    22. Rainer Kleinertz: Zur Frage der Autorschaft von Händels Johannespassion 
    23. Berthold Over: Agrippinas Reise nach Frankreich 
    24. Manfred Rätzer: Szenische und konzertante Aufführungen von Händel-Opern sowie szenische Aufführungen von Händel-Oratorien im Jahr 2002 
    25. Terence Best: Review of Donald Burrows and Rosemary Dunhill's book Music and Theatre in Handel's World: The Family Papers of James Harris, 1732-1780 
    26. Jens Wehmann: A list of new literature and CDs
  • Volume 48, 2002:
    1. Donald Burrows: From Chrysander to 2001: the Progress of Handel Scholarship
    2. Hans Joachim Marx: Das Händel-Bild Chrysanders [Chrysander's Image of Handel]
    3. Graydon Beeks: Friedrich Chrysander and the Editorial History of "O Praise the lord with One Consent", HWV 254
    4. Annette Landgraf: Die Händel-Bearbeitungen Friedrich Chrysanders [The Handel Elaborations of Friedrich Chrysander]
    5. Paul van Reijen: Die Händel-Klavierauszüge Friedrich Chrysanders und seiner "Nachfolger" [The Handel Piano-vocal Scores by Friedrich Chrysander and his successors]
    6. Terence Best: Friedrich Chrysander and Handel's Italian texts
    7. Werner Rackwitz: Friedrich Chrysander, der Judas Maccabaeus und der Deutsch-französische Krieg 1870/1 [Friedrich Chrysander, Judas Maccabaeus and the German-French War 1870/1]
    8. Konstanza Musketa: Friedrich Chrysander Briefwechsel mit dem Verlagshaus Schott & Co. in London. Dokumente aus dem Chrysander-Nachlass des Händel-Hauses [Friedrich Chrysander's correspondence with the publisher Schott & Co. in London. Documents from the Chrysander collection at the Handel House]
    9. Richard G. King: Victor Schoelcher's Manuscript Handel Biographies and Catalogues
    10. Michael Pacholke: Händels Notenschrift [Handel's musical handwriting]
    11. Klaus Wolfgang Niemöller: Stuctura et sonus. Zum Verhältnis von Form und Klanggestalt im Corelli'schen Typus des Concerto grosso bei Geminiani und Händel [Structure and sound. The relationship of form and sound in the Corellian type of concerto grosso in Geminiani and Handel]
    12. Erik Fischer: Das "Nachleben" Georg Friedrich Händels, oder: Die Inszenierung einer Rezeptionsgesichte als Wirkungsgeschichte [The "Afterlife" of George Frederick Handel, or: The arrangement of a reception history as a history of effect]
    13. Klaus Hortschansky: Franz Wüllner und seine Händel-Aufführungen [Franz Wüllner and his Handel performances]
    14. Maria Zduniak: Die Aufführungen von Georg Friedrich Händels Oratorium Messias im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert in Breslau [The Performances of Messiah in 18th and 19th Century Breslau]
    15. Wolfgang Ruf: Hermann Abert und die Händel-Renaissance [Hermann Abert and the Handel Renaissance]
    16. Edwin Werner: Hallische Händel-Feste vor 1952 [The Halle Handel Festival before 1952]
    17. Karin Zauft: Die Suche nach dem authentischen Klang ... Zu einigen Aspekten der Bearbeitung und Interpretation der Händelopera In Halle zu Beginn der 50er Jahre unter dem Gesichtspunkt ihres historischen Stellenwertes [The search after the authentic sound... Aspects of the elaboration and interpretation of Handel's operas in Halle at the start of the 1950s from the point of view of their historic value]
    18. Reinhard Strohm: Ein Stattskomponist ohne Grenzen (Festvortag im rahmen der 50. Händelsfestpiele in Halle) [A State Composer without Borders]
    19. Gesine Schauerte: Purcells Glocken und Luthers Choral. Anklänge englischer und deutscher Kirchenmusik in Händels Oratorium L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, ed il Moderato [Purcell's Bells and Luther's chorales. Echoes of English and German Church Music in Handel's oratorio L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, ed il Moderato]
    20. Manfred Rätzer: Szenische und konzertante Aufführungen von Händel-Opern sowie szenische Aufführungen von Händel-Oratorien und -Kantaten im Jahr 2001 [Staged and unstaged performances of Handel's Operas, as well as staged performances of Handel's Oratorios and Cantatas in the year 2001]
    21. Michael Pacholke: Rezension zu Werner Piecks Leben Händels [Review of Werner Pieck's Life of Handel]
    22. Annette Landgraf: Rezension zu Manfred Rätzers Dokumentation über Szenische Aufführungen von Werken Georg Friedrich Händels vom 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert [Review of Manfred Rätzer's catalogue of staged performances of Handel's works between the 18th and 20th centuries]
    23. Jens Wehman: Neue Literatur und CDs [a list of new publications and recordings]
  • Volume 47, 2001 - Edited by Konstanze Musketa
    1. Donald Burrows. "Gottfried van Swieten and London Publications of Handel's Music." pp. 1-14
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    3. Karin Zauft. "An article on the Handel Opera Renaissance in Halle, 1945-1952."
    4. Manfred Rätzer. Appendix to "Szenische Aufführungen..." of complete Handel stagings during the year 2000.
    5. Anthony Hicks. A review of the HHA edition of Israel in Egypt
    6. ...And the publication of various papers given at the 2000 Halle Handel Conference "Music and Musical Life in Middle Germany Before and After Handel's Time".
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Proceedings from the International Händel-Akademie Karlsruhe 1998 and 2000: Ausdrucksformen der Musik des Barock: Passionsoratorium - Serenata - Rezitativ. Edited by Siegfried Schmalzriedt, published by Laaber Verlag, 2002. Most articles in German.

1. Johann Mattheson's Passion oratorio Das Lied des Lammes

Several articles in German, by authors such as Hans Joachim Marx, Reinhold Kubik, etc.

2. Several articles on Aci, Galatea e Polifemo:

  • Juliane Riepe: Händel in Neapel [i.e. 'Handel in Naples']
  • Hermann Jung: Vom antiken Mythos zum musikalischen Topos. Zur Gattungs-Genese von Händels Serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo und ihren Wandlungen der Londoner Jahre [i.e. 'From the antique myth to the musical entertainment. To the genre recovery of Handel's Serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo and its changes during the London years']
  • Hartmut Krones: Elemente der musikalischen Rhetorik in Händels Serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo [i.e. 'Elements of Musical Rhetoric in Handel's serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo']
  • Dieter Gutknecht: Aufführungspraktische Aspekte zu Händels Serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo [i.e. 'Performance Aspects of Handel's serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo']
  • Wolfgang Ruf: Die Terzetti in Händels Serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo [i.e. 'The Trio in Handel's serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo']

3. Several articles on The Aesthetic and Performance Practice of Recitative in Handel's works:

  • Donald Burrows: Handel and English Recitative [The only article in English - Burrows discusses Handel's recitative technique using examples from Samson]
  • Hans Joachim Marx: Formen des Rezitativs in den oratorischen Werken Händels [i.e. 'Forms of Recitative in Handel's Oratorios']
  • Reinhold Kubik: Nebeneinander - miteinander?: Beobachtungen zur Koexistenz von Recitativ und Arie bei Händel [i.e. 'Side by side together?: Observations on the coexistence of recitative and aria in Handel']
  • Hartmut Krones: "Gleichwohl hindert ein solches nicht, die Noten in einen richtigen Tact zu bringen": Zur Ausführung der Rezitative Georg Friedrich Händels" [i.e. '"Nevertheless, such an obstacle does not hinder one from bringing the
    notes into a regular beat": the performance of Georg Frideric Handel's recitatives']
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    • NOTE: Rätzer's handbook is a fully indexed chronology of staged Handel performances, including operas, oratorios, odes, cantatas, serenades and pasticci. It extends from Handel's own performances of Almira in 1705 until the Venice Baroque Orchestra's production of Siroe in December 2000. The title and foreword are in German, but a working knowledge of that language is not essential for gleaning reams of fascinating information from this book. Due to the proliferation of Handel around the world these days, such a project will never be finished, so Rätzer published a completed list of Handel staged performances during the year 2000 in the 2001 volume of the Händel-Jahrbuch.
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  • Other sources of information:
    • A multitude of compact disc booklet essays
    • Internet Usenet newsgroup postings/discussions
    • Handel-L listserve postings/discussions
    • Händel Beiträge (journal of the Göttinger-Händel-Gesellschaft -- published every 2 years)

Children's Books


Handel, Who Knew What He Liked
Written by M.T. Anderson
Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
Candlewick Press (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
(ISBN cloth: 0763610461 - 2001; softcover: 0763625620 - 2004)

Handel: Who Knew What He Liked is a witty and cleverly written book for children aged 8-12, but can also be enjoyed by older Handelians. It is an excellent biographical introduction of Handel: M.T. Anderson has successfully compressed a complicated life and a varied career to a few judicious words, and the book is affectionately illustrated by Kevin Hakwes. Some small details are presented as fact that are suspiciously mythical or novel, and there are a couple of odd chronological leaps, yet they do not detract from the purpose of the book, which is to convey Handel's development from a child prodigy into the composer of Messiah. It is pleasing to note that the authors have benefited from the advice of Professor Ellen T. Harris, and include a sensible bibliography and reliable discography - possibly intended for those parents whose curiosity might be aroused.


Handel, Who Knew What He Liked
George Handel
- from the "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers" series
Written and illustrated by Mike Venezia
Childrens Press (Chicago). 1995.
32 pages
(ISBN softcover: 0516445391)

- From the "Famous Children" series
Written by Ann Rachlin
Illustrated by Susan Hellard
Victor Gollancz (London). 1992.
(ISBN cloth: 0-575-05357-7)
Handel and the Famous Sword Swallower of Halle
Bryna Stevens, Ruth Tietjen Councell (Illustrator)
Philomel Books. 1990.
(ISBN: 0399215484)


Handel at the Court of Kings
Written by Opal Wheeler
Illustrated by Mary Greenwalt
E.P. Dutton & Co. Inc. (New York). 1943.
135 pages (not including music appendix)

Handel at the Court of Kings


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