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Note: This is a selective list of forthcoming commercial recordings that will feature Handel's music, but release dates will vary between different territories. Some things below might be available in some parts of Europe long before they are released elsewhere. We try to avoid unsubstantiated gossip, and generally will only tell you about recordings that have been confirmed by the labels or the artists as already "in the can". There is useful listing of recent, new and forthcoming recordings of baroque music maintained at Presto Classical.

Concerti per Organo
- concertos by Bach, CPE Bach and Handel, including Organ Concerto in B flat major, Op. 4 No. 2 (HWV 290) -

Concerti per organo Silbermann RondeauLucas Pohle (Silbermann organ, Crostau)
Dresdner Barockorchester
Margret Baumgartl

Samson (HWV 57)
- abridged version recorded live in July 2018 -

Samson NamurMatthew Newlin (Samson; tenor)
Klara Ek (Dalila; soprano)
Julie Roset (Philistine Woman / Israelite Woman; soprano)
Lawrence Zazzo (Micah; countertenor)
Maxime Melnik (Israelite Man / Philistine Man; tenor)
Luigi Di Donato (Manoah / Harapha; bass)
Choeur de Chambre de Namur
Millenium Orchestra
Leonardo García Alarcón
2 CDs
Ricercar [due for release July/August 2020]

Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Nos. 7-12 (HWV 325-330)

Op. 3 Akademie für Alte Musik BerlinAkademie für Alte Musik Berlin
Georg Kallweit
Pentatone [due for release August 2020]


La Francesina: Handel's Nightingale
- arias from operas and English-langauge works that Francesina sang for Handel between 1738 and 1745 -

Francesina Sophie Junker Sophie Junker (soprano)
Le Concert de l'Hostel Dieu
Franck-Emmanuel Comte
Aparté [due for release October 2020]

Witches, Queens and Heroines
- opera arias -

Witches Queens and Heroines Margriet Buchberger (soprano)
Il Giratempo
Perfect Noise [due for release July 2020]

Alexander's Feast (HWV 75)

Vox Chor
Vox Orchester
Lorenzo Ghirlanda


Rodelinda (HWV 19)

Lucy Crowe (Rodelinda; soprano)
Iestyn Davies (Bertarido; countertenor)
Joshua Ellicott (Grimoaldo; tenor)
Jessica Dandy (Eduige; mezzo-soprano)
Anthony Roth Costanzo (Unulfo; countertenor)
Brandon Cedel (Garibaldo; bass)
The English Concert
Harry Bicket
(was to be recorded in connection to concert performances in Spring 2020 but tour was cancelled; The English Concert hopes to make a studio recording in Autumn 2020)
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